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He is dedicated to making Milwaukee County safer, enjoyable, and prosperous.


  Why am I running for County Supervisor? 

      I am running for RE-ELECTION for County Supervisor to continue transforming Milwaukee County District 18 into one of the most prosperous districts in the state, where constituents feel safe to live and purchase homes, raise families, start businesses, enjoy our parks, entertainment, and any family festivities. As the Current County Supervisor, I have worked to move Milwaukee County and its citizens forward from its past to a brighter future through strategic partnerships, proactive solutions, and community awareness. 

     I will continue to bring this passion and experience to help thousands more District 18 residents! We all Win with GOODWIN because GOODWIN is a Good~Win for Milwaukee County Supervisor!





 *Important Instructions on How to Write-In Russell Goodwin on April 5th., 2022

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